October 16, 2021

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Companion Ag's core mission is to create a modern, technology-oriented agricultural co-op that builds global networks of farms and farmers and establishes manufacturing partnerships with commodity processors and producers – together, we offer solutions to turn farming products into standardized commodities for sale to high-volume markets.

Agricultural Services

  1. Land area and soil analysis
  2. Assessment and design of water and irrigation systems
  3. Seed or clone selection from a robust genetic bank
  4. Seeding, plant reproduction, cultivation, harvesting and handling practices
  5. Grading and quality assessment of crops

Logistics and Support

  1. Access to plant experts of diverse backgrounds with global experience
  2. Security protocols and design
  3. Transportation and logistics
  4. Transformation from agricultural goods to tradable commodities

Concierge Farming Services

  1. Individual consultation evaluations
  2. Management and oversight to ensure the success of each partner farm
  3. Refined financial analysis based on years of experience
  4. Good Agricultural Practices Management
  5. Equipment and training programs
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