October 10, 2021

Cascade Naturals, A Finished Product Manufacturer


Cascade prides itself on producing the highest quality products on the market by offering unique differentiation through proven efficacy and clinical viability. This unique leverage provides Cascade with the opportunity to scale up production with minimal drawbacks, allowing clients to yield seemingly limitless quantities of their respective product with total confidence. Additionally, Cascade's fully transparent approach to traceability alleviates any proprietary concerns in regards to an ingredient’s origin. In an attempt to simplify our vastly expansive catalog, Cascade offers various product lines designed to fit specific market niches:

Cascade Markets

  1. Big-box retailer products and private labeling
  2. Products suitable for internet marketing products
  3. MLM product lines.

Cascade’s Approach

Cascade's data-driven and quality-minded approach and our stringent quality control processes ensure that only the best and most consistent products reach our distribution channels. Cascade's domestic manufacturing facilities boast full cGMP accreditations. Cascade's areas of manufacturing expertise include:

  1. Solid Dose
  2. Liquid
  3. Topicals and Cosmetics

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